We get a lot of the same questions over and over. Here's a list of the popular topics.

Do you have the lyrics for Baker Street?

Yes, as well as the lyrics to all of Gerrys' songs. Baker Street lyrics are here. And the list of all Gerry's lyrics is here.


Do you have sheet music for piano and saxophone for Baker Street?

We sure do! It's taken a while, but go here for the chords/sheet music to many Gerry songs.


When is Gerry's new album coming out?

It's finally out! And what an album! Buy it here!


How can I say thank you for the stuff (lyrics, chords, news) I found on your website?

This isn't a money-making operation. But we would certainly appreciate it if you'd use this link to Amazon when you buy CDs, DVDs, etc. We get a tiny portion of the sales (and every few months we can get a free CD).


Will Gerry tour? When? Where?

We will let you know if he sets up any tour dates, but we believe that it's only a remote possibility that Gerry will tour again. If he does, expect it to be UK-only.


How can I buy an old album of Gerry's?

You can buy Gerry CDs (including lots of great compilations) at Amazon.  Some of his albums go out of print and are even harder to find. Try GEMM and even eBay!


Do you have MP3 files of Gerry's work?

Yes, we do have MP3 files for every song Gerry ever recorded (see the list here). But only a few MP3s are available for download, and that's because they are already in the public domain (Kazaa, etc.). The MP3 section is a restricted area. If you want one song in particular, send us a request.


Can you give me Gerry's address? email address? phone number?

You can send him email at gerryrafferty@gerryrafferty.com, but don't expect a return message from Gerry. I've never communicated directly with him.


Where can I meet fellow Gerry fans?

Come to a couple different GR Message boards.  There's the unofficial message board and the official message board.  Don't mind the goofiness. And please, just jump right in and post a comment. You're not interrupting anything.


I have trivia information to add. What should I do?

Email us the info and we'll add it to the site. This website was built by the contributions of many fans!