Fans of Gerry Rafferty should be sure to join the rest of us at a couple different message boards.


The old iMusic message board is now located at That's where the old timers generally hang out.



The official GR message board ( has lots of new message board posters as fans discover his official website.



Whose Board Is It Anyway?

Who are the loonies that frequent the boards? Here's a brief bio of some of the participants.

"Alan R" (real name: Alan Rafferty)

Alan is Gerry's cousin. I think his mom sang him Gerry tunes as lullabies. Alas, Gerry never wrote a song about Alan.

"UncleJim" (real name: Jim Rafferty)
see another couple photos at the bottom of the page...

Jim is Gerry's brother and co-author of several Gerry tunes, like "Don't Speak of My Heart". He's recorded several albums himself. Jim has a razor wit and seems to want to talk about anything other than Gerry. Don't psychoanalyze him -- he's a good egg.

"Captain Compulsive" (real name: Rodney Walther)

A Texas boy, the Captain is the author of this unofficial GR website. He's also an avid softball/baseball coach. He thinks soccer is for sissies. The Captain owns his own Oracle consulting firm.

"Zain" (real name: Zain Habib)

Zain occasionally is allowed brief visits outside his sanitarium so he can contribute his brand of zaininess to the board. He also writes and draws a comic strip called Zainy's World.


"Michael F" (real name: Michael Field)

A more recent poster, not much is known about this Gerry Rafferty fan. A crack investigative force is on the case. We do know Michael F is an artist.

"jDobson" (real name: Leslie Wilson)

jDobson is a member of The Tannahill Weavers and an accomplished musician. He posts when he can, but he's on tour a lot. While on tour, jDob plays with his bouzouki (a lot).

"gerry-fan" (real name: Pete Connor)

The man without an identity can finally be revealed.

"carey w"

The fair Carey is a huge Gerry fan and graphic artist by profession. Check out her unofficial GR website (it looks cool). Our investigative team snapped this partial picture of Carey moments before she attacked our undercover van.

"Neil-A" (real name: Neil Aspinall)

Neil's one of the old-timers.

"Lonesome Polecat" (real name: David Taylor)

LP plays devil's advocate and likes to stir things up. He and Carey seem to have some sort of cosmic trans-continental relationship.

"GRTourist" (real name: Morgan Staggers)

Another Texan, GRT is a (gasp!) UT Longhorn. Well, the women call him a shorthorn, but that's another story.

"johnbee" (real name: John Burke)

Our resident King of the Lyrics, johnbee knows his GR songs forwards and backwards.


Rob hails from Down Under, and his clock is opposite those in the States. Rob pops in when he gets a chance.

"Dazy" (real name: Debbie)

Dazy says she's the oldest poster on the message boards. But hey, I know better than to guess a woman's age!

"Nightowl" (real name: Jim Oksen)

The Ox-man is the lyric quoter. Feeling down? Nightowl will pick you up by quoting the appropriate Gerry song.

"PoorMansSon" (real name: Wray Ellis)

Following tradition, Wray, our resident Canadian, contributes his knowledge of music. Don't knock Wray -- he had a #1 hit single ("Dance For Me") in New Zealand in 1986 (really!). He is the only known man to escape the evil clutches of the Zainy One. ~~~ Don't you love the Mickey Mouse ears?

"MikeT" (real name: Mike Trushell)

Yet another Mike! It seems Gerry's fans are limited to mostly Mikes and Jims... MikeT is originally from England, but lived in NZ for 12 years. I wonder if he heard Wray's song? Mike's working on the big Five-Oh.

"Cheese" (real name: Colby Parmesan)

This guy is definitely extra-sharp. One of our resident Swiss posters, Cheese has also lived in Provo-lone, Utah. He has a brother in California, known as Monterey Jack. In addition to his passion for Gerry Rafferty, Cheese is also a big TV fan. He watches "Everybody Loves Raymond", starring Ray Romano. And of course, he enjoys the classic "The Muensters" on reruns.

"Clem" (real name: Clemens Ziegler)

Clem is one of the "heavy philosophy" posters. He once met Gerry Rafferty at the "Examining One's Own Navel" conference in Austria. And, obviously, he needs a haircut.

  More pics of "Uncle J"