Coach Rodney
Final thoughts from Coach Rodney

You gotta love the "Major Homer K. Fielding" shirt !

Spring is Coach Rodney's favorite time of year, because he gets to coach girls' softball!

If you need to reach Coach Rodney, especially to let him know you can't be at a game, try the following...

(home) 281-980-4165
(work) 281-879-3639
(cell) 713-248-3485
(pager) 713-769-1201
e-mail at work
e-mail at home

Cool banner for Coach Rodney's company

Coach Rodney not only coaches softball, he works as an independent database consultant. His company is Redstone Technology, Inc. and specializes in Oracle (Financials, Manufacturing, HR, Payroll, and custom development). His commitment at work is just like it is on the softball field!
Redstone Technology, Inc.