Some Final Thoughts
From Coach Rodney

It was a joy serving as your head coach this year. I certainly enjoy the game of softball and loved to watch you change from "girls who play softball" into "ballplayers". Being a ballplayer means you are working hard to improve your skills in a complicated game, paying attention to the big things and the little things, and caring about your fellow teammates. Each of you improved your skills (catching, throwing, hitting, pitching) and contributed greatly to your team's success. In my book, you're all Top Tigers!

To the parents, I say thank you for the excellent support you have given me. You kept up your end of the bargain, getting the girls to practices and games on time, letting me know when your daughter couldn't be there, bringing snacks, working concessions, etc. You also served as a model of sportsmanship -- you should be proud of that! Finally, thank you for not throwing things at me or yelling at me when I suffered panic attacks on the mound!!

The parents that also served in a coaching capacity are extra appreciated. Coaches Jeff W., John F., and Jeff M. did a super job in being there for me and the girls by participating so much in the practices and games. To be honest, serving as the head coach on a team that had 5 former head coaches was a bit daunting!

Team mom Kelly was a tireless force this year. For the first season I can recall, I didn't have to worry about a lot of the little things. Kelly made things happen -- I know she excellent volunteer help, but Kelly took ultimate responsibility. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

To the players, I appreciated your hard work and effort. I liked being able to laugh with you. And I liked knowing we were on the same team trying to do the same thing -- to do our best at practice and in games, to try to win, and to honor the timeless game of softball.

You've played on other teams before and you'll play on other teams in the future, with wierd names like Onyx and Blast and Crush, but I want you to remember that in 1998, you were part of a special team called the Tigers !!

-- Coach Rodney