Tigers vs. Firebirds
May 2, 1998

W 5-3

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Hoo hoo hoo!! It's me again, Tigger (that's T - I - double GUH - RRRR). Thanks once again to Coach Rodney for asking me to report on the playoff-playing Tiggers! After closing out the season in great fashion, the Tiggers were poised to do well in the post-season tournament. Their opponent today was the Firebirds, who just nudged past the Tiggers in the regular season. Of course, that meant today was an opportunity to BOUNCE back!! Here is my report on the terrrrrific Tigger game versus the Firebirds.

Sarah led off the Tiggers with a fly ball single to center field. Carla did the same thing! Then Caitlin got hit by the pitch to load the bases with nobody out. Rachel D. came to the plate and cranked a hard grounder to third base. The third baseman got the forceout at third, but Sarah scored our first run! Coach Rodney followed with horrendous pitches to Melissa and Kristen, striking them out to end the inning. Get with the program, Coach!!

In the bottom of the first, the Tiggers showed incredible defense! With the leadoff hitter on, Caitlin grabbed a hot shot down the third base line -- she threw out the speedy runner for her third putout from third base this year!! Carla made a nice play on the next hard grounder to her, holding the runner at second. Heads up play! And that proved important, because the cleanup hitter smacked a ground ball to Caitlin, who stepped on third for the out. Kristen then closed out the first with a strikeout! Tiggers hold tough!! Tiggers led 1-0 after one inning.

The second inning was an awesome display of Tigger hitting! Alissa started with a bloop infield hit. Then Rachel F. launched a long fly ball to center field. The Firebird outfielder made an excellent catch for the out. Serena stepped to the plate and absolutely tagged a double to left field that drove in Alissa!! Then Michelle knocked a hit to put runners at first and third with one out. To the plate stepped Sarah, the leadoff hitter. With the count at 3-2, Sarah smashed a line drive homerun to left field!! WOW!! A three-run homer! Two more outs followed. In the bottom of the second, three Firebird hits netted one run. Good defense by Carla, Melissa, and Sarah highlighted the inning. And Kristen hurled three strikeouts!! Tiggers led 5-0 after two innings.

In the top of the third, the Tiggers tried to get some insurance runs. Melissa gave some good bunt attempts but eventually fell on strikes. Alissa and Rachel F. got hits to put the pressure on, but a couple strikeouts ended the threat. Just like last game, the Tiggers headed to the bottom of the third trying to protect a 5-1 lead.

The first Firebirds hitter cracked a hard line drive to open the inning. It was right at the Tigger second baseman Sarah -- Sarah somehow reached down and picked the line drive clean. OUT!! Super play Sarah!!! (and it's ok to open your eyes now...). Three straight Firebirds hits scored two runs. Coach Rodney started looking for all the stress medicine he had last game -- it was all gone! Coach Rodney resorted to biting his fingernails... In a tremendous display of performance under pressure, Kristen fired a strikeout to the next batter!! The following batter got a hit and became the potential tying run at second base! GULP!! Kristen worked the count to 3-2...then the Firebirds coach came in to pitch. Here's the situation -- 5-3 game, tying runs on base, two outs, full count on the batter. Heeeeere's the pitch.....SWINGING STRIKE!! Game over!! Tiggers win the first tournament game 5-3 !!

Coach Rodney had an easy time with today's player of the game honors. Sarah had two hits, accounted for 4 of the Tiggers five runs, and snagged the jamming line drive in the last inning! Sarah definitely earned the title of Top Tiger! Congratulations Sarah!

T T F N !!! (by the way, I'm leading the "best dancing tiger" website contest!!)

-- Tigger  (click here to find out more about me; click here to hear my Tigger song!)


The wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is Tiggers are wonderful things!
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Their bottoms are made out of springs.
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