Tigers vs. Rebels
March 26, 1998

W 7-3

The Tiger's Den Hello and welcome to The Tiger's Den!
Today's guest columnists are
Stripes and Blizzard...

Tonight's game was so exciting it is going to take two guest columnists to report on the game! Coach Rodney has asked the two famous Beanie Baby tigers, Stripes and Blizzard, to give the game summary.

Hi, I'm Stripes and I'll be reporting on the awesome pitching and defense that the Tigers demonstrated tonight. I get to go first because the Tigers were the home team. The Rebels started quickly with their first two runners getting on. Kristen settled in and starting throwing lots of Stripes, er...strikes. She struck out the next batter and worked to a full count on the cleanup hitter, Natalie. Natalie finally got an infield hit. Another hit and two more strikeouts and the inning was over. The Rebels had scored two runs.

Howdy, I'm Blizzard (the Beanie Baby white tiger). I think I have the coolest job because I get to tell you about the Tiger offense! And tonight, it was truly a blizzard of awesome hitting!! The Tigers were facing the hard-throwing and accurate Rebels pitcher Natalie, one of the toughest pitchers in the league. Caitlin led off with a smack single off the pitcher. Then she took second on the overthrow. Carla came to the plate and attempted a surprise bunt. She didn't get the bunt down, but she certainly got the Rebels attention. She then swung away and hit a line drive single (off the pitcher!) and scored Caitlin. Sarah stepped up and smashed a triple to left field, again off the Rebels pitcher. Wow! It sure seems that the Tigers were ready to hit tonight! Rachel D. then followed with a double to score Sarah. Kristen came to the plate and Coach Rodney called for a fake bunt. Kristen did a good job, but eventually fell to Natalie's tough pitching. Coach Rodney didn't hesitate. He called for another fake bunt when Lisa came to the plate. And guess what? It worked great! Lisa was prepared to bunt and then when the pitcher began her motion, switched back and swung away. She cracked a single to drive in Rachel. Melissa followed with some great cuts, but she also struck out on some smoking pitches. Another strikeout and the Tigers were done. They had scored 4 runs, an incredible blizzard of hitting and scoring!!

Thank you Blizzard...that was very interesting, but it's the Tiger defense I'm the most proud of. In the top of the second inning, Kristen found her groove and struck out the first two batters she faced. A hit batter put a runner on. Then came the defensive play of the night, as the Rebel batter grounded hard to Michelle at second base. She fielded it cleanly and turned and fired to shortstop Carla for the force at second base. Great play! The Tigers had shut down the Rebels with no runs. Back to you Blizzard...

It's Blizzard again -- I am still catching my breath from that first inning. After the first Tiger struck out, Serena stepped to the plate. After getting two strikes on her, Serena bore down. She hit a nice grounder down the third base line but it was just foul! Then she drove the ball fair -- unfortunately it was right at the pitcher. Rachel F. came to the plate with two outs. She tried to put down a couple bunts (good attempts!), but she eventually struck out. So a scoreless second inning kept the score at 4-2.

In the top of the third, the mighty Kristen was cooking! She scattered a few hits and gave up only one run. She struck out three and the Tigers went to the bottom of the third in a tight game 4-3.

This is deja vu -- Caitlin is leading off the third inning, just like she led off the first inning. And guess what? She blistered another single off the pitcher! Carla followed with a single to left and that put runners at first and second base. Coach Rodney had the situation he was wanting -- runners on and a great bunter at the plate. Sarah laid down the most perfect bunt you could ever dream of !! That loaded the bases and everyone was excited! Rachel D. smacked a bases loaded hit to right field, driving in two runs and giving Rachel D. 3 RBIs for the game. Kristen followed with a single. Then the Rebels pitcher threw two tough strikeouts. Alissa came to the plate and got good contact, but it went straight to the first baseman for the third out. Rats... But that's ok. Another blizzard of hits by the top of the lineup, sparked by Caitlin's leadoff hit, and the Tigers went to the fourth inning up 7-3.

In the fourth inning, the Tigers held tough. The Rebels' rally fell short and the Tigers won 7-3 ! Coach Rodney had a tough time choosing tonight's player of the game. Awesome hitting and pitching were certainly the difference tonight. In the end, Coach Rodney went with the recommendations of his guest columnists, Stripes and Blizzard. Stripes went for defense, choosing the heat-throwing Kristen for Top Tiger for her tough pitching in a tight game. And Blizzard went for offense, choosing Caitlin as Top Tiger for her two leadoff hits to spark two big scoring rallies. Congratulations to Kristen and Caitlin!

There were lots of congratulations to pass around tonight. All the girls stepped up and came through. Coach Jeff and Coach John did a good job coaching the bases. And Coach John's ugly shirt is now a perfect 3-0! Coach Scott did a super job keeping an accurate scorebook and scoreboard -- it was tough work and we do appreciate it. And congratulations to Coach Rodney, who prepared the girls well for the tough pitching they faced tonight.

-- Stripes and Blizzard  (click here to find out more about us)