Tigers vs. Red Hots
March 5, 1998

W 7-4

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Hellllloooo!! It's me, Tigger, and I'm here to report on the Tiggers' second game of the season. In case you hadn't heard, the Tiggers (that's what I call 'em) bounced back from an opening loss to beat the Red Hots 7-4. That's right -- they bounced back, and I love bouncing! Here are the game highlights.

The Tiggers got to hit first. After working the count to 3-0, Rachel F. saw some heat from the Red Hots pitcher and struck out swinging. Lisa stepped up and smashed a grounder to shortstop -- you'd think it would be a hit, but their shortstop made an excellent play to gun Lisa down at first base. The pitcher then coaxed a pop-up to end the inning. In the bottom of the inning, the Tiggers held tough against the strong Red Hots. A leadoff hit put a Red Hot in scoring position and she later scored -- but that's the only run the Tiggers surrendered. Carla ended the inning with a nice catch of a popup at first base. After one inning the Red Hots were leading 1-0.

In the second inning, the Tiggers bounced back from the one run deficit (I love bouncing!!!). Rachel D. started us with a hit, and took second base on the overthrow. Caitlin smacked a hit to third base -- great baserunning by Rachel D. and great coaching from Coach John kept us from running into an out! With two on, Alissa got a hit to drive in Rachel D. - smart baserunning moved Caitlin and Alissa each up a base. After a strikeout, Sarah stepped up and WHACK! -- got hit by the pitch. That loaded the bases. After a strikeout, Michelle came to the plate with two outs. She hung in tough and all of a sudden (WHACK!) -- Michelle got hit by the pitch and drove in a run. Then Rachel F. followed the hit parade -- actually the "hit by" parade -- another WHACK! and another RBI. Lisa then came to the plate. She smashed a line drive to right field (off the pitcher!). That should have cleared the bases, but the Red Hots right fielder made a super play and threw Lisa out at first base. Rats! But the Tiggers scored 3 to take the lead 3-1.

In the bottom of the second inning, Kristen got strong at pitcher. An opening single put a runner on. Kristen struck out the next batter. Then with one out, the defensive play of the game was made. It took 3 Tiggers to make this great play!! The batter smashed a long hit to left field. Sarah ran after the ball while the batter ran around the bases. Sarah picked up the ball and threw it in to Melissa at second base. Without hesitating, Melissa fired it to the plate where Rachel D. was waiting for the ball. The batter really thought she had a home run, but when she saw Rachel D. with the ball, she high-tailed it back to third with Rachel in pursuit. It was a beautiful play all around!! Two more strikeouts by Kristen and the Tiggers went into the third inning up 3-2.

The third inning was very exciting! Carla led us off with a hit and took second when Rachel D. got a hit. Caitlin smashed a clutch single with one out. A strikeout put the Tiggers in the tough position of having to score with two outs. Kristen stepped up and WHACK! -- got hit by the pitch to load the bases. Sarah came to the plate and cracked a hit to bring in two runs! Melissa then strode to the plate and WHACK! -- another hit by pitch. That loaded the bases with two outs. Up to the plate came Michelle. With two strikes on her, Michelle absolutely tagged a grounder to third base. That drove in an important run and kept the rally alive. Rachel F. thought her second plate appearance was so successful that she -- WHACK! -- yep, another hit by pitch and drove in another run. A final strikeout and the inning was over. But the Tiggers scored 4 runs to go up 7-2 !

In the bottom of the third inning, Tigger defense took over. After a double, Carla fielded a grounder at shortstop and made the tag play on the runner (great heads up play Carla). A couple of hits produced two runs. Then Alissa said enough is enough. Playing first base, Alissa stretched for a foul ball and made the grab. That made two outs. The next batter grounded to Alissa and she just made the easy tag for the third out.

That was it...game over. Tiggers win 7-4 !! It was another exciting game. There were lots of good defensive plays tonight, but Coach Rodney picked Michelle as the Top Tiger! Michelle came to the plate two times with the bases loaded and two outs. Each time she delivered an RBI to keep the rally alive. Clutch hitting when we really needed it -- congratulations Michelle!

I hope to come see more games and maybe be a guest columnist again. Until then...

T T F N !!!

-- Tigger  (click here to find out more about me; click here to hear my Tigger song! -- you must hear my Tigger song!!)