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Oracle Applications

A long-time Oracle professional, Mr. Walther provides innovative and timely solutions for business applications and has:

·    10+ years of solid technical and functional experience with Oracle Applications (Manufacturing, Financials), with 20+ years overall Oracle experience

·    Proven leadership in implementing large-scale Oracle projects

·    Strong analysis, design, and communication skills


Professional Experience

Cardinal Health
Oct. 2006 - Aug. 2008
Analyst for Oracle-to-SAP Implementation As Business Analyst, investigated how pharmacy management business data was stored in (and interfaced with) Oracle 11i Financials so that the application could be properly migrated to SAP.  Documented the details of business data as held in Oracle Receivables (AR), Oracle Payables (AP), Oracle General Ledger (GL), and Oracle Fixed Assets (FA).  Supported existing Oracle 11i application by fixing production problems in existing reports and concurrent programs.
NCI Building Systems
Aug. 2004 - Oct. 2006
Technical Lead for Oracle 11i Implementation

As Project Technical Lead and as Business Analyst, analyzed customer needs and identified appropriate technical solutions for an Oracle Apps 11.5.9 implementation of Manufacturing and Financials at six metal coating facilities, a unique outside-processing business which required stringent control and reporting on customer-owned material.  Worked closely with a variety of users, from the operating line to plant management, in order to understand their requirements.  Designed solutions that met and exceeded customer expectations.  Project highlights include:

  • Leading a team of 10 developers to design and build custom WIP manufacturing forms for the plants; these critical functions worked well and were found to be quite intuitive
  • Writing the functional design and technical design for all customizations (forms, concurrent programs), so that business users and technical developers had a common understanding of the solution
  • Analyzing reporting requirements for metal coater plants and writing specifications (high-level, detailed functional, detailed technical) for the reports.  Led a team to quickly develop a number of crucial reports for the largest facility in Jackson, MS.
  • Championing the development of a coil inquiry tool, which has been regarded by customers as ”the single best improvement in the Oracle application”
  • Analyzing the complex environmental reporting needs for the plants and designing appropriate forms and reports to accomplish their government reporting
Eagle Global Logistics
May 2003 - Aug. 2004
Nationwide Rollout of Oracle 11i As Oracle 11i Analyst, designed and implemented custom programs and reports to support Oracle Receivables and Oracle Payables functions, including interfaces from/to external systems.  Implemented Oracle Apps 11.5.8 on over 60 domestic sites.
CareVu Corporation
Oct. 2002 - May 2003
Project Management As Project Manager, identified requirements, designed the database, directed programmers, and managed the project plan for the implementation of a custom integrated system (CareVu), which scanned PPO health care claim forms and used Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to validate the data.  The system was based on .NET and SQL Server architecture.
GE Power Systems
Sep. 2001 - May

As Oracle 11i Analyst, designed customizations for the Oracle 11i Financials/Manufacturing implementation.

Oracle Apps 11i Implementation Designed Optio-enhanced reports to present purchasing/invoice information in a meaningful way to suppliers and customers.  Recommended functional changes to effectively integrate the customizations.  Developed complex customization to compare bills of material.  Oracle modules used on this assignment:  Order Management, Inventory, AR, WIP, and Projects.
Input/Output, Inc. Input/Output, Inc.
Mar. 1998 - Sep. 2001
  As Principal Consultant, analyzed requirements and created solutions for an implementation of Oracle Financials and Oracle Manufacturing (version 10.7 SC) at a seismic data equipment manufacturing facility.
Successful Oracle Apps Implementation Planned and implemented data conversions from a legacy AS400/MAPICS system to Oracle Applications (Financials and Manufacturing). Designed a unique method to implement the conversion tasks as concurrent programs within Oracle Applications. The conversions went smoothly, and the implementation was successful and on time.
E-Commerce Solutions Designed method to export catalog information from Oracle system to web-based catalog for e-commerce.
Decision Support / OLAP Developed the methodology and tools to provide DSS/OLAP capabilities for:
  • Inventory classification and financial reporting by hierarchical product lines
  • Excess inventory identification based on historical usage and future demand

This work gave the executive staff and product line managers the information necessary to confidently plan to reduce excess inventory and to market the more profitable product lines.

  • Material requirements simulation (using exploded BOM, on-hand info, and MRP demands)

This powerful tool allowed planners to quickly and accurately evaluate the effects of a potential order on inventory availability and costs.

Customizations using AOL Designed a variety of useful customizations for the implementation. One such customization, an MRP Planning form that consolidated and presented a lot of useful information to the planner, was regarded as "the best form we have. It gives us exactly the information we need without having to go through lots of Oracle forms." Developed customized forms and reports using Forms 4.5, Application Object Library (AOL), and Reports 2.5.
AIM Methodology Analyzed gaps in Oracle Applications functionality and proposed both procedural and technical solutions. Used Application Implementation Methodology (AIM) to document solutions. Set the team standard for Conversion Program Design documents.
Vinson & Elkins, LLP
Jul. 2000 - Nov. 2000
Expert Witness As Litigation Consultant, provided technical forensic consulting for a case involving an ill-fated Oracle implementation.  Examined historical documents and advised attorneys on technical issues.
Oracle Corporation
Radian International Software
Oracle Corporation / Radian Intl. Software
Sep. 1997 - Mar. 1998
  As Principal Consultant, designed, developed, and tested Developer/2000 software for the Oracle Environmental / Health & Safety (OEHS) vertical application.
Quickly Demonstrated Senior-Level Oracle Skills Designed and developed a graphical front-end navigation tool for the OEHS system. Demonstrated effective analysis skills and high productivity by taking prototype work and molding it into an innovative solution for user navigation. Planned a phased deployment of the software, and delivered on this plan with quality results.
Texaco Refining and Marketing, Inc.
Aug. 1993 - Sep. 1997
  As Principal Consultant, provided technical leadership for an Oracle7-based refinery information system (ORBIT).
Key Performer in Crucial System Installations Because of my proven analysis skills and ability to get difficult tasks done, was chosen to head a critical-path assignment: the migration of business data from a legacy system to ORBIT. Planned and executed this assignment on time, which resulted in the project’s most successful system installation. Installed 4 more ORBIT systems in 12 months, exceeding the year’s projection of 2 installations and saving $1.5 million in support costs.
Understands Importance of Accounting Designed, coded, and tested custom form applications for the Inventory, Purchasing, and Cost Accounting functions of the application. Planned and developed a method to resynchronize budget numbers at 8 ORBIT installations; budget numbers were "the most accurate ever" after the resynchronization.
Leader in Using New Technology Investigated several client/server GUI interfaces (PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, and Oracle Forms v4.5) in preparation for an application upgrade. Also led a team to determine how to best take advantage of Oracle7 features. Wrote a code generator to produce constraints, database triggers, and stored procedures from information in the Top*Case CASE repository.
SYSCO Corporation
May 1993 - Aug. 1993
Immediately Productive As Principal Consultant, designed a subsystem that integrated labor management in a warehouse inventory system (SWMS). Worked with a third-party vendor to teach them SQL*Forms.
Brown & Root, Inc.
Aug. 1991 - May 1993
  As Principal Consultant, provided systems engineering for a large-scale (800+ entity) Oracle-based project management system (IPMS).
Technical Architect for Large Project Implemented an innovative structured approach to developing SQL*Forms applications by designing form templates and block/trigger/procedure libraries. This approach reduced the amount of redundant code and made it possible to build forms with a common functional foundation for either character mode or GUI.
A Recognized Communicator Headed a technical team to review over 300 SQL*Forms applications for technical correctness and efficiency. Taught classes on project coding standards and advanced SQL*Forms techniques. Developed standards for detailed program specifications, which were regarded as "the best on the project".
Proficient With CASE Tools Analyzed requirements using Oracle CASE methodology and tools. Created entity-relationship diagrams, functional hierarchy diagrams, and other conceptual design deliverables for an integral component of the system. Helped develop the standards for the conceptual design deliverables.
Ferranti International Controls Corp.
Jan. 1986 - Aug. 1991
  As Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, and Consulting Software Engineer, designed and implemented a variety of real-time and relational database software solutions for a distributed architecture electric utility SCADA system (RANGER).
Oracle Analyst/DBA Since 1988 Implemented an Oracle-based solution for managing the customer’s system database changes. Designed complex forms and "C" user exit programs to meet the customer’s detailed requirements. Designed tables and analyzed data relationships. Served as DBA by installing and maintaining the Oracle databases.
Innovative Solutions to Improve Performance Led a team of nine senior engineers to develop relational database maintenance tools for the real-time SCADA system. Identified and removed software bottlenecks, which improved processing time by a factor of 25 and resulted in "a SCADA database unequalled in the company with respect to excellent design and performance".
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Jun. 1981 - Jan. 1986
Geophysical Experience As Software Design Engineer, designed and implemented real-time application software for a land-based seismic data acquisition system. Integration efforts were noted by the software control group as "the best organized work they had seen".

Writing Skills

IOUG Presenter Developing a Robust Programming Architecture for SQL*Forms Projects

Authored and presented a paper at the 1993 International Oracle User Week (IOUW). Explained how to successfully implement programming architecture on large SQL*Forms projects, using my Brown & Root experience as an example. [Sep. 1993]
Award-Winning Novelist In 2006, completed an 80,000-word novel (Impact), which is currently being marketed to agents and publishers
  • Selected as state finalist in Writers' League of Texas 2008 manuscript contest

  • Won first place in North Texas Professional Writers Association 2007 manuscript contest
  • Won first place in West Virginia Writers 2008 manuscript contest

  • Achieved second place in Fort Bend Writers Guild 2007 manuscript contest
  • Awarded third place in San Gabriel Writers League 2007 manuscript contest
  • Awarded third place in Crested Butte, Colorado 2007 manuscript contest

Technical Skills

Databases / Tools Oracle DBMS, Oracle Developer tools, Oracle Designer tools, Oracle Express, Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA), Optio, CQCS, Microsoft Access, MAPICS, Ferranti RDBMS
Oracle Applications Modules Inventory (INV), Bills of Material (BOM), Work in Process (WIP), Master Scheduling/MRP (MRP), Receivables (AR), Payables (AP), Purchasing (PO), Order Management (OM), General Ledger (GL), Fixed Assets (FA), Projects, Workflow, System Administration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), HR/Payroll
CASE Tools Designer/2000, Oracle Case, Top*CASE
Methodologies Application Implementation Methodology (AIM), CASE*Method
Languages SQL, PL/SQL, C, Java, CGI/Perl, HTML, PL/M, FORTRAN, Intel assembler, more...
Platforms UNIX (many variations), DEC Ultrix, DG Aviion, NT, Windows


Texas A&M University
B.S. Computing Science, 1983
3.4 Grade Point Average


An Active Leader Active member of Fort Bend Writers Guild … Youth baseball coach for over 13 years … Director on Little League Board for 4 years … Director for Little League Challenger Division for mentally / physically-disabled kids … Substitute mathematics teacher in Fort Bend ISD … Two-term Executive Director at church ... Active member of Friends of First Colony Library.

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