Pond Structure Photos
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August 13, 2005 "Fishing Zone" just south of earthen pier (looking from middle of pond, pier is unseen to the right).  This includes pine trees with water up about 6 feet on the trunk, pallet pyramids, brush pile with cedars/tire/culvert, and then a 3-foot dropoff to a deeper section of water (ambush?)

Brush pile between earthen pier and island (maybe we'll cast to the left instead...)

Tire Pyramid (in deeper water, maybe 10-12 feet)... 8 tractor tires stacked 3-high; tied with light rope, drilled air holes, no anchoring otherwise...  At least it was fun to build!

Another small grouping of tires

The old doghouse... for possible catfish spawning

Cedar tree on the dam

A view looking along the dam towards the north (shallows)... Possible stationary dock off large post oak at toe of dam



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