Wooded Area Photos
(click on an image to see full-size)

younger pines at edge of big oaks and huge pines
back fenceline looking west
looking south along treeline towards what will be a lake
barn site (click for larger version)
wildflowers at the edge of FM109
nice live oak in the meadow just beyond the treeline
just south of what will be the lake (there's a dam beyond those trees now)
back fence (east side) looks like East Texas... this is Brian Boulevard
Campsite (hammock &  canopies)

middle of the property -- lots of oaks
take a guess... you're correct!  more live oaks
back corner of the property looking west -- this is the cedar section
looking west on Lisa Lane towards neighbor's lake (barely visible)

looking east along Lisa Lane

nice oaks just north of the campsite... we've cleared these out somewhat underneath
nice-sized live oak at the treeline
four-wheeling is a blast (just east of the campsite)
more four-wheeling for Brian and B.J. (between campsite and pond)

Brian and Robert down by the big creek
new culvert over the creek... now we can drive onto the property
our 10x20 garage
dusk (what a sky)
Near future homesite
Meadow behind the west side of dam (after shredding)

Brian Blvd. after shredding (looking south, first from deer blind, then from north high fence)

North fence after shredding (first looking west, then looking east)

Nice live oak at treeline behind the barn


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