Wildlife Photos
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Brian's first buck!
October 27, 2007

One of the very first photos from the new game camera; "Bucky" poses well

"Bucky" posing for the camera

this buck is in velvet

It's a good thing we have the critter cage

Doing his Tom Cruise impression

Feral hogs (at least 15 of them)

Shoot 'em if you find 'em


8-pointer that Brian saw out the cabin window (see our truck?)

another buck chowing down

Part 1 of 3: Mr. Buck meets Mr. Raccoon

Part 2 of 3: (the cool shot) Mr. Buck chases Mr. Raccoon

Part 3 of 3: Mr. Buck and Mr. Raccoon make up

grey fox

grey fox

grey fox and raccoon

That would be a keeper

First time we've seen 5 deer in a pic



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