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Schedule / Results

Date Day Time H/V Opponent Results Guest
Regular Season
2/28 Sat. 2:30pm H Onyx L 8-6 Tony
3/05 Thu. 6:15pm V Red Hots W 7-4 Tigger
3/07 Sat. 11:30am V Impact W 7-3 Hu
3/26 Thu. 6:15pm H Rebels W 7-3 Stripes & Blizzard
3/28 Sat. 2:30pm H Firebirds L 8-5 Hobbes
4/02 Thu. 6:15pm H Mischief L 6-5 Garfield
4/04 Sat. 8:30am V Blast L 9-8 Rajah
4/09 Thu. 6:15pm V Panthers W 15-1 Tigger
4/14 Tue. 6:15pm H Crush L 8-4 Shere Khan
4/23 Thu. 6:15pm V Challengers L 3-0 Nala
4/25 Sat. 4:00pm H Wild Things L 3-0 Paws
4/28 Tue. 5:45pm V Lightning W 5-4 Tiger Woods
5/02 Sat. 1:00pm V Firebirds W 5-3 Tigger
5/04 Mon. 6:15pm V Wild Things L 4-1 Rajah
5/09 Sat. 4:00pm V Lightning L 5-2 Tony

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Farewell Letter from Coach Rodney


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(cell) 713-248-3485
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